Other Dances and Events  -  please make contact direct with the relevant Branch, Linked Group or organiser.   

     We provide some information on events held by other RSCDS Branches or Glasgow Linked Groups.
                     (For some more details of Day School/weekend events in Scotland Alasdair Graham website and
                           for events abroad, see p30 in Country Dancer, the Society magazine sent to all members.)


     Date      Branch/Group      Event Details
 Autumn 2017 RSCDS Helensburgh  Dances and events

see website  for all events



  2 Feb  2018 New Kilpatrick SCDC  Charity Dance
   (tickets Margaret 942 7519) 

Bearsden Burgh Hall
John Carmichael Band

Crib  Diag crib
 9 - 10 Mar  2018 RSCDS Lorne (Argyll) Branch
Weekend Dance School

Corran Halls, Oban

6 - 8 April 2018 RSCDS Helensburgh

40th Anniversary Dance Weekend

see website
15 - 17 June 2018 Stornaway w/e of dancing

Lews Castle, Stornoway,
Isle of Lewis HS2 0XS

Programme  Application
Where to stay (waiting list?)
15 -16 June 2018 Grenoble International w/e

Grenoble, France