Glasgow Branch hosts:          International Spring Fling and Fringe on 20 - 22 April 2018 

Is the Fling or Fringe  for you? 

           Some specific events are for the Fling (ages 12-35)   - see website

                    Some specific events are for the Fringe (all other ages, both under 12 and over 35)  - see website

                             Other events are Joint (Fling and Fringe) for all ages.


   Fling (ages 12 to 35)    Fringe     Joint
Friday 20 April     Welcome Dance
Kelvin Hall
Saturday 21 April Classes am & pm
Hillhead High School
Oakfield Ave G12 8LJ

Classes am & pm
Stevenson Building
Oakfield Ave G12 8LT
Plus Children's Classes

Buffet and Ball
​Kelvin Hall

Sunday 22 April

Classes am
Hillhead High School
Sunday Ceilidh
Classes am
Stevenson Building
Joint snack lunch
Details for
Go to website
and book direct

See   website  
fringe mobile:07593 537133

Websites see opposite

Dancers can opt for the whole weekend or pick events.

         More details on the dedicated websites - so keep in touch.