[Fri 24 Nov - Items left at Centenary Ball: Glasses in case, a fan, black pumps, Contact us ]

The history of country dancing in Scotland can trace its roots back to the early 18th Century. By the 19th Century it was firmly part of the social dance scene along with reels, quadrilles, waltzes and old time dances. The beginning of the 20th Century saw these ‘traditional’ dances  starting to fall out of fashion - being replaced with more modern dances. 
The Scottish Country Dance Society was formed in 1923 to revive these country dances and to ensure that Scottish country dancing remains part of Scotlands cultural heritage.

Hence we celebrated a hundred years of our 'Society' and Glasgow Branch for Scottish Country dancing on 26 November 2023 - the Centenary.

A Glasgow Herald announcement invited persons interested in "Scots Country Dances" to an inaugural meeting in Glasgow on 26 November 1923.
From this meeting, held at the Athenaeum in Glasgow, the Scottish Country Dance Society was formed... read more.     Yes it all started here in Glasgow!

Leading up to November:

Launch in Jan of "100th anniversary dances" Book:History of Glasgow Branch +13 dances. Cost of book £10, (pdf version at £5). 
Glasgow Branch thanks all the volunteers who devised the dances and Màrtainn Skene who compiled and played for them all, including composing many original tunes.  Work was done to create helpful videos of the dances, which can be found at  https://youtube.com/playlist.
Recordings of all the music for the ‘100th Anniversary Dances’ is available on Bandcamp.  
Access is through  https://glasgowrscds.bandcamp.com  13 tracks are £15   Single track £2

Main events:

Fri 24 Nov   Glasgow Centenary Ball:  City Chambers, buffet meal, thanks to Glasgow City Council, & dance.  A most enjoyable event in a superb location - thanks to organisers! See photos below

Sun 26 Nov   Celebration at the Athenaeum in Glasgow (100 years to the day!)
pontaneity: dancing in the street after the unveiling of the blue plaque at 2 pm (outside entrance to what is now Hard Rock Café), and it was dry for the many dancers. See photos below

Thurs 30 Nov  'Afternoon Tea' (Glasgow seniors & all);  House for an Art Lover; Màrtainn Skene will be playing.