Dances - Glasgow Branch

Contact:  Margaret Sanders  - email: for info or reservations. 
Glasgow Branch appreciates that Covid and flu are around, so please don't come if you have symptoms.

  pdf of Glasgow Branch 100th Anniversary Dances Book:
Story of Glasgow Branch with 13 Dances (£5) see Centenary page

Our Branch Dances are social occasions, see FAQ's for some details.
All Branch Dances normally are 7.30 - 10.30 pm. Tickets cost £12/£6 [dancers/non-dancers & students]
[Midwinter Ball is different re times and price, book with Margaret.]

Paying for Branch Dances by bank transfer is preferred, details
 (Ref: is code by dance below + your name. Please pay at least 2 days in advance). 

  Refreshments - please bring your own mug. (Tea/coffee and biscuits provided).  

Dates for your diary. For Programme, click Branch Dance (before the code)

NB: Use of Strathspey Server for all Programmes, Cribs, Diagram cribs and Videos. Tips for use.
(See tips for word cribs; choose tree friendly for less pages, or eye friendly for larger font.)

Fri 12 Jul Branch Dance (DNJL) Frank Reid DuoMilngavie Town Hall G62 8BZ, Crib;  Diagram cribvideos

Fri 13 Sept Branch Dance (DNSE) Ewan Galloway Duo, Milngavie Town Hall G62 8BZ; Crib;  Diagram cribvideos

Fri 11 Oct Branch Dance (DNOC) David Oswald DuoClarkston Hall, G76 8NE Crib;  Diagram crib; Strathspey

Sat 23 Nov Branch Dance  (DNNO) Màrtainn Skene Duo, 

Fri 6 Dec Branch Dance (DNDE)  Nicol McLaren Duo 

At all Dances there is a clear recap for each dance.  The Dance programmes are varied with old favourites and less familiar dances.

For Dance videos: use videos, and select the dance from list provided.

Nice and Easy Dances often in February, May and November, encourage those who may be less experienced.  Dances can be walked through.   
About once a year there may be a Challenging Dance or a dance* requiring some pre perusal of the dances (videos are useful), which is aimed at the more experienced dancer. 

For more dances and events in the area see  Other Events.