Other Dances and Events

Information, here, on some events held by other local RSCDS Branches
For Glasgow Branch Linked Groups/Clubs see Linked Groups page. Please contact the relevant organiser.

For details of Day School/weekend events in Scotland see Alasdair Graham website, which has good information on local dances.  Some other Web Links are useful.
Many events abroad, are listed on p30 in Country Dancer, the Society magazine sent to all members.

Glasgow Music Festival

Members are welcome to attend the Glasgow Music Festival in March each year.  Details will be posted on the news page for 2024.

Local RSCDS Branches - for details visit each website for classes, dances and events.

RSCDS Helensburgh hold a variety of functions, website.

RSCDS Ayr, website

RSCDS North Ayrshire, website