About Us

Background:  Glasgow played a significant role in the inception of the RSCDS. A Glasgow Herald announcement invited persons interested in "Scots Country Dances" to an inaugural meeting in Glasgow on 26 November 1923.  The RSCDS Glasgow Branch became separate from the ' Society' soon afterwards, hence both have a 'founding' date of 1923. ("Royal" was added in 1951.)  Other Branches were formed later. The Glasgow Branch became a Charity on 1 Jan 1992. (The Society is a separate charity.) For an early history of the Society and Glasgow Branch see article by Alastair MacFadyen.  A more recent history of the Branch is being prepared and will be available soon.

Branches organise their own regional events.  Branch members are automatically members of the Society and are welcomed all over the world by other Branches. The Society maintains the standards by training teachers and providing assessment, organising summer schools and giving overall leadership for the promotion of Scottish Country Dancing and its music.
This worldwide network of Branches provides a great community spirit.

Seniors We have an active 'Seniors' group who meet a few times a year for lunch with interesting talks from our talented visitors.  We put 'Seniors' in inverted commas, since all are welcome!  ... see more.

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Branch Organisation/Governance
Committee of Management:  RSCDS - Glasgow Branch is a Charity Registered in Scotland, operated by a Committee, elected at an AGM. Other branch members, not always on the Committee, help in various ways, e.g. editing the Newsletter, maintaining the website.  Do get in touch if you would like to help.

AGM:  There is a yearly AGM in May for formal business, including any Motions.  However members are welcome to ask for items to be raised at a Committee Meeting.

Constitution: Updated at the AGM in 2019 and minor at AGM in 2021.

Rules: To provide guidance for the specific needs of the Glasgow Branch.

Privicy Policy and Safeguarding Policy.

Newsletters: Members receive 3 per year, with reports on events and details of future Branch activities.

Down memory lane
The photo below from 1960 in front of ~134,000 people at the European Cup Final between Frankfurt and Real Madrid at Hampden.   Had they come to watch the dancing?

Another high audience event was during the Opening Ceremony at the Edinburgh Commonwealth Games 1986, See video (about 4 min in).