Dances  -   RSCDS Glasgow Branch 

Contact: Joyce Carmichael  0141 943 0397 or for tickets.
 Our Branch Dances are social occasions.
All Branch Dances 7.30 - 10.30 and £9/£7 for dancers/non-dancers and £5 students.  Details &video links below.  (Other events by local clubs/Branches.) 
Please bring a mug, for refreshments at interval, to avoid more plastic waste!                


 Sat  29 Feb   Glasgow University SCDC  Annual Ball   details  plus (cribs + diagram crib)



  Fri   6 Mar  Branch Dance (Challenging)    Nicol McLaren;       Milngavie Town Hall G62 8BZ       Crib;   Diagram crib

  Tue  31 Mar   Broomhill/Hyndland SCD  Club Dance   details


  Fri   17 Apr  Branch Dance       Marian Anderson Duo;    Clarkston Hall, G76 8AF   Crib;   Diagram crib

  Sat  25 Apr Spring Fling   (2.00 - 4.30 pmFree)     Màrtainn Skene Duo;  Milngavie Town Hall G62 8BZ    Crib Diagram crib
An afternoon of general dancing and informal demonstrations by local classes/groups/clubs - open to all.


  Fri  15 May  Branch Dance  (nice & easy)    David Oswald   Milngavie Town Hall G62 8BZ       Crib;    Diagram crib


  Fri  10 July  Branch Dance   Lindsay Weir   Milngavie Town Hall G62 8BZ   Crib    Diagram crib



  Fri  14 August  Branch Dance   Frank Reid  Clarkston Hall G76 8 AF   Crib;    Diagram crib


At all Dances there is a clear recap for each dance.  The Dance programmes are varied with old favourites and less familiar dances.

For Dance videos: click link, select Dance starting letter, choose dance and scroll down past crib to video.

Nice and Easy Dances in February, May and November, encourage those who may be less experienced.  Dances can be walked through.   
Once a year there may be a Challenging Dance and, as the name implies, this Dance is aimed at the experienced dancer. 

For more dances and events in the area see  Other Events.

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