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25 January 2020At the Saturday dance

Durng this very relaxing dance we enjoyed some entertainment.  Three young dancers demonstrated their dancing skills - excellent.  Later two other solo presentations, of revelant Burns flavour, were much appreciated. 
This one was caught on camera.     A 'wee' demonstration of how to dance Postie's Jig when you only have seven dancers.  Obvious - you enlist the help of the 'Broom of Bon Accord' in his best outfit.  The passing of the Broom from dancer to dancer was neatly done and added to the overall 'fun' performance.  Our thanks to all the 'entertainers'.


Photos: Meg Barrowman

17 January 2020Midwinter Ball 2020

As we start the 'twenties', Dancers put on their glad rags and headed to the Glasgow Branch Midwinter Ball.  To the excellent music of Ian Muir Sound we danced the varied programme with pleasure.  A total of eight past, and present, Chairmen assembled for a photo. Another succesful Branch event.

                  Photos: Alistair Raeburn

28 October 2019Glasgow Branch helps new RSCDS Teachers to qualify

How Glasgow Branch provided Scottish Country Dancers with TEN new RSCDS qualified teachers.

First a big congratulations to all who have qualified, taking their last exam in October 2019.  Well DONE!!

If, like me, you are interested in how the qualification works let us start at the beginning.

Some years ago, our then Branch chair, Fiona McDonald, started this ball rolling when she organised the Tutor's course. This took place in Autumn 2016. A qualified Tutor is required to teach the candidates. Alasdair Brown became a tutor, and no prizes for guessing, he was asked to teach the course.

The teacher's course has five Units:
Unit 1 is a written exam mainly covering the RSCDS organisation.
Unit 2 examines the candidates ability to dance, themselves. They demonstrate before RSCDS examiners.
Unit 3 involves teaching a class (two 3 couple sets), before RSCDS examiners, including some steps, a formation then putting this formation into a short dance. A list of required formations are provided but the candidate is only told their formation the day before the exam.
Unit 4 requires a candidate to teach dances, at various classes, often receiving helpful comments from a mentor, and maintaining a record of work done.  (This can ony take place after Units 2 & 3 have been passed.)
Unit 5 involves teaching a class (two 3 couple set), before RSCDS examiners, including some steps and a complete dance.  This time from a long list of dances, with the candidate being told which dance the day before the exam.

Our happy new teachers, with Alasdair and Màrtainn (muscian)

You can see from the above, the Branch was involved in 'quite a bit' of organisation and 'arm twisting' of Branch Members to provide two 3 couple sets for a formal practice and all the examinations over the last couple of years.
Our thanks to all the individuals who organised and/or turned up to be 'taught'.  Also to our musicians who provided the music.

For interest, we understand that the Society are making some changes to the teacher's course.  Although we will be interested in future developments, Glasgow Branch is intending to take a breather from this activity! 

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