Moments Café

Moments Café

Added on 24 February 2024

‘Happy Returns’ to Moments Café

On Monday 19th February, we were pleased to make a return visit to Moments Café, a dementia friendly group, which meets in Cathcart Trinity Church Hall twice a month where members enjoy an activity or entertainment followed by refreshments.  The afternoon began with some well-known Scottish tunes played by our accordionist, followed by our dance programme which included some of our favourites such as Happy Returns, Good Hearted Glasgow, Friendships, My love she’s but a lassie yet, Snowdrops in the glen and Mairi’s wedding – all accompanied by lots of smiles, singing to familiar tunes and enthusiastic clapping by those attending.  There was time for audience participation with a Gay Gordons and St Bernard’s Waltz before everyone was treated to a very welcome cup or tea or coffee and a generous spread of home baking.  Sincere thanks to dancers Susan, Sheena, Liz, Ken, Marion, Carolyn, Elspeth and Anne and Billy, our accordionist, for bringing the joy of Scottish Country Dancing to this community group.

Anne Murray