Easter with 50 children

Easter with 50 children

Added on 09 April 2023

How did you spend Easter Sunday? Well Debbie McAlees and I were teaching 50 children some Scottish Country Dancing to the wonderful music of Màrtainn Skene!

Nipperbout, a childcare provider working at the SEC in Glasgow, contacted the branch to ask us to provide workshops for 3 different age groups: 3-7, 8-12 and 13-17.

We had tartan sashes, laughter and giggling not to mention a few children acting as junior teachers helping with the “Ready…and…” to guide Màrtainn in. All three age groups enjoyed a variation of Circassian Circle with the older two sessions having the fun of Virginia Reel and the Flying Scotsman. Our teenager group particularly enjoyed being taught how to spin safely (and faster!) even if some of them were left a little dizzy after doing a demo with me! 

It was a great opportunity to showcase SCD to children and teenagers who were from all over the UK. It was also a lovely surprise to have some of childcare staff asking where the nearest adult classes were since they did it at school and had forgotten how much fun it was!               

Carol-Ann Knox

My thanks to Carol-Ann, Debbie and Màrtainn for providing such an amazing experience and for presenting Glasgow Branch so well. The Organiser hopes to host a similar event in the future.

Susan Ewington